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5150 - aka: "5150"

EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars
5150 - aka: "5150"
EVH Mini Guitars * Another very iconic striped guitar that is instantly recognizable by its namesake - the 5150 space tape numbers that it is adorned with!
* 5150 is a widely used police code for an escaped mental patient and is also the name of Eddie's home recording studio and Van Halens 7th album.
* Body on original guitar was made from light weight basswood and neck made from hard rock maple.
* 7th tuner added after headstock split.
* This guitar was used for recording and touring from 1984 until 2004.
* At one point early on, it had an experimental prototype wooden, and then later plexiglass, tray table attached to the back so it could be played upright like a piano which Ed received a US Patent.
* One of the most copied guitars of Van Halen's arsenal, with the EVH brand recently releasing an accurate rendition of this model in the Striped Series.
* 1/4 Scale Model includes miniature Guitar Stand and EVH Guitar Case styled box - $44.95 Retail

$39.95 each

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EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars

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This 1:4 scale model is intended for adult collectors and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
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