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Black and White - aka: VH1 or "Eruption"

EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars
Black and White - aka: VH1
EVH Mini Guitars * Original "Franky" (or Frankie) Guitar.
* This is the guitar that started it all. Appeared on the cover of the first Van Halen album.
* Iconic white with black stripes design which went on to become the famous main Frankenstein guitar after red paint was added.
* Striped with Schwinn bicycle paint (the thin lines are actually car striping tape and not paint). Painted black originally, then taped off and painted white.
* VH1 was originally a factory second Boogie Bodies ash body and birdseye maple neck with plain maple fingerboard, rosewood top dots and brass side dots.
* Handcut pickguard. Probably the first Strat to be modified to have a single humbucker. Had a single white (now famous) "Tone" knob for volume.
* Original fender tremolo bridge and old fender 60's neck plate that is still on there today serial number 61071
* Built around 1975 by EVH.
* Had the original big headstock Boogie Bodies neck on it most of the time but also had a small headstock neck on it with rosewood board and white pickguard and no thin stripes in 1979 right before it was painted red.
* Ed typically used either the home made dog leash strap or the WWII bomber belt strap with this guitar with eye hooks in the body.
* At one point a gold "Gibson" logo decal on the headstock.
* Old PAF pickup from Ed's ES-335.
* 1/4 Scale Model includes miniature Guitar Stand and EVH Guitar Case styled box - $44.95 Retail

$39.95 each
EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars
EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars

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EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars EVH Mini Guitars

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This 1:4 scale model is intended for adult collectors and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
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